Saving Soles Nonprofit

SS is one of the most unique non-profits geared exclusively to giving back to the youth. Saving Soles represents students all over the US by sharing our knowledge and creativity. We are able to successfully tap in with students on exactly what they need to move forward. School readiness, art, mental health, and of course, sneakers. We are inspiring and helping students figure out their career paths through sneakers. Our sneaker programs have been able to provide students the steps to the next level in their lives. 


Our Goal

Here at Saving Soles we are driven by a single goal, to do our part in providing the resources for all students to succeed in their career path. We are dedicated to providing fundamental tools for students in the future path. We strive to build a productive relationships and make a positive impact for all our pursuits.


Mission Statement

Saving Soles is a community of volunteers committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of students and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.