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Sneaker Lab (School edition)

Where we come out and show students what the business is about and give them & their teachers a chance to experience the life of a shoe designer. Students will be able to create a custom shoe in person or virtual and pitch their design to a celebrity guest!

Where we go into the school virtually or in person and host a sneaker lab. There 2 sneaker labs available for the school edition.

One lab students are creating a custom design based off the topic, and then making a presentation to present to a panel of judges. The judges then pick's 3 winner's and the student's are rewarded with a take home kit to continue the painting journey. Provided by Customs By AK.

Another lab is where student's will experience entrepreneurship by engaging in hands-on activities that allows the students to explore the operations of a custom shoe design company.

  • To demonstrate 21st century skills: communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking

  • To understand the entrepreneurial way of life.

  • To understand the primary functions of business: management, marketing, finance, and production.

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