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My name is Akellia Ke'Ara Stewart, and I'm a mother of a beautiful son and a shoe - preneur! Ive been in business for 10 years now and I love creating.  


CustomsByAk is a Custom Shoe Company. I bring creative art styles to shoes. Clients have the option of designing a theme or have me freestyle a design. With this option, I use the client's style and interests to develop a design. This is what I’m most known for, my creative, freestyle designs. I use different elements like grass, flowers and even objects on the shoe but what I’m most proud of with CustomsByAk is the ability to give back. I want to impact the world by "Changing Soles One Shoe At A Time!"


I got my first start from a good friend who happened to play for the NFL. He challenged me as an artist to step outside my comfort zone by creating a custom shoe for him. I haven’t stopped since and it’s been 8 years of doing what I love. I’ve traveled to different places and have been featured at various events for my custom shoes designs that I have done for many athletes and celebrities.  That one opportunity blessed me and gave me the opportunity to serve a bigger cause, which is helping children express themselves through art. My goal is to provide children with a safe place to be able share their feelings and concerns. That is what "Changing Sole One Shoe At A Time" stands for: changing the way children express themselves. 

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